RoboCup 2013: 75 million tweets!

example_robocup_2013Almost five months have passed since RoboCup 2013. We hope you had a great time in Eindhoven!

We want to share some interesting figures with you, the full report can be found here.

  • Over 40,000 people visited the tournament. Among them was queen Máxima of the Netherlands.
  • Exactly 112 journalists from 22 countries attended RoboCup 2013. They generated press coverage in 75 countries and by the world’s most well-known media and news-agencies, including BBC, AP, The Guardian, AFP, NBC and Reuters. The estimated number of people reached through media: 11 million in the Netherlands and at least 50 million worldwide.
  • We had over 60,000 individual viewers of RoboCup TV and 80,000 visitors to the RoboCup website.
  • Over 75 million tweets were posted about RoboCup 2013.
  • In total we had 2661 participants from 45 countries. RoboCup 2013 would not have been possible without you!

Some of you have asked where to find photos and videos. Therefore we would like to send you this collection of links.

  • Photographer Albert van Breemen made a beautiful photo book of which hard-copies can be ordered here. The images from this book, and many other high-resolution images, can be downloaded from the RoboCup 2013 Flickr page. All content is free to use, but please add a reference to the name of the photographer (either Bart van Overbeeke or Albert van Breemen).
  • As a local organizing committee we’ve also made a photo book of our own, digitally available here: cover, content.

Day by day videos compilations were made by TU/e’s ‘innovation lab‘:

They also made league by league compilations:


and the others: Small-SizeStandard-Platform and Humanoid LeaguesRoboCup@HomeRoboCup RescueRoboCup@Work and Festo Logistics League

All of the league compilations are put together in this video. A compilation of the Junior Finals can be found here. We would also like to point you at the videos by BotSport TV, mainly focusing on the humanoid leagues.

The full RoboCup TV broadcast of the MSL final match can be found here. Make sure you’ve seen the goal at 0:46:25! The full broadcasts of the other finals can be found here: Festo Logistics LeagueHumanoid Adult-Size LeagueHumanoid Teen-Size LeagueHumanoid Kid-Size LeagueStandard Platform League and RoboCup@WorkSmall-Size League Part 1 and Part 2.

Finally, we would like to thank everybody for making RoboCup 2013 an unforgettable experience; we hope to meet you again in Brazil for RoboCup2014!

Best regards,

RoboCup 2013

Local Organizing Committee

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