Lowrider Safety


I normally don’t blog about the major ‘news’ events about Tesla.  I figure anyone who has interest in electric cars has heard the news already, often I don’t have anything to add, or the news is uninteresting.

A case in point the three Tesla vehicle fires.  I think the national media hyped this story up.  Unfortunately many US media outlets focus on fear mongering and sensationalism instead of meaningful news.  The only outlets I really pay attention to these days is the San Jose Mercury News and the PBS Newshour.  The nightly news on most stations is intolerable and focuses on violence and terrorism.  Most web based news outlets focus too much on celebrity gossip or other trivial matters.

Tesla did not do a perfect job in handling this fire situation.  They gave us a firmware update to our cars, version 5.8, without telling us ahead of time or in…

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