Athlon Tesla Model S Real Long Distance Record

On august 20, 2013 four students from Eindhoven University of Technology started an attempt to realize the first long distance record with a Tesla Model S, under normal driving conditions in Europe. The current (USA) record is 681 km, but with an average speed of only 29 km/h. The students started at 22:00, and are driving with the (first) Athlon Model S. Updates and video’s are shown on the Dutch website of Athlon, see here. The final report of their experience can be found here.

Currently, the students were able to drive up to now with about 128 Wh/km of energy usage, which would mean they will arrive with an empty battery at Athlon in Almere later today after about 650 km on a single charge, while driving on normal roads. I will keep this updated! 14:20: they are still driving, @ 130Wh/km, appr. 15kWh left in de battery, 500+ driven.

The students arrived in Almere just before 17:00, with 625 km on a single charge with driving on normal roads with acceptable speeds. At least it is a European Record!


During the night the roads were empty, but lighting was needed. Approximately the energy usage was 130 Wh/km. During the day, especially this morning in Friesland during rush hour, the speeds were needed to be higher and more (regen) braking was needed. Full details will follow in due time. For now, we can celebrate the European Record!


by the way, this is an interesting picture i found on the Tesla Forum


6 thoughts on “Athlon Tesla Model S Real Long Distance Record

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  2. Maarten – I created the picture at the end. This is made from assumptions and info from other owners and has not been confirmed by Tesla Motors as an official view, but the results from this team agree with the assumption that there are about 81.1 kWh if you run the car to absolute empty.

    Congratulations to the team!

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