Book review: Secrets of Superhero Science

review by Gaia Steinbuch:

Secrets of Superhero Science, written by Barry W. Fitzgerald

This book explores how it would be possible to have some superpowers as humans, using science. It looks at several superhero powers and postulates how we could use science, to achieve these superpowers. Examples are Wolverine’s super healing, Sue Storm’s invisibility and Iron Man’s suit. The book consists of 11 chapters, and at the end of all but the first one, the author lists his sources, such as scientific articles and books (in case you want to read more about certain subjects).
The book contains quite a bit of science, but it is explained in such terms that you don’t necessarily need to have studied at university, to follow it. I did study at university, and a big part of the knowledge in the book I was taught at university and in high school; it was therefore not completely new to me. Other knowledge (mostly the newer research and the applications of it) was new to me. You don’t need to have studied science at university level to understand this book, because the book explains the science to you, in what I think is a nice way.
I quite like the writing style of the book and there is some humour in the book, I liked that a lot. I really like all the references to superheroes, superhero comics and superhero movies. I’ve seen quite a few of superhero movies and it was very nice to read about things I recognised. Even if you haven’t seen a particular film though, the author explains what the superheroes’ powers do and often mentions the story of the film.
I also liked the illustrations the author uses to clarify scientific ideas and theories. I think you’ll like this book if you like superheroes and are interested in science.
Gaia Steinbuch, June 19, 2016

One thought on “Book review: Secrets of Superhero Science

  1. Hi Gaia ,
    Thank you for your amazing book review. Secrets of Superhero Science it’s a great and fascinating. I like a lot how Barry W. Fitzgerald writes. I was able to find this book after i searched on google and find it on . I don’t know if i’m allowed to leave a link but i think it will help others buy the book.
    Thank you Gaia. With warm Vincent.

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