News about our Surgical Robots

At the start of the week of StartUp Fest Europe we have various news items regarding our precision robots for surgery.

  • With a press release Preceyes BV, developing high-precision assistance for eye surgery, announced today that it has appointed Perry van Rijsingen as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Perry brings deep medical device industry experience in start-up, growth stage and mature businesses and significantly strengthens the leadership of the company. Perry was formerly CEO of the Philips Healthcare Incubator reporting directly to Philips Board of Management. He led, commercialized, coached and invested in many start-ups and early growth businesses across the globe, achieving triple digit growths. During this period he was also CEO of the portfolio company “Philips Digital Pathology Solutions”, leading and commercializing it to become the global leader in its field. Prior to that Perry led two large mature businesses, growing those at a rate well ahead of their competitors. Perry holds a Master’s degree in Biomedical Physics and has lived and worked in Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, China and Hong Kong.
  • Tomorrow, Tuesday May 24, Carmen van Vilsteren, CEO of  MicroSure BV, the company developing high precision robots for microsurgery, will give a pitch at the StartUp Garden as part of the  StartUp Fest Europe. She was selected as one the fifty from an application total of 1200 start ups from all over Europe. Also, MicroSure BV, is participating in the Dutch MKB top 100 for 2016.
  • On Thursday, I will give a pitch on our Medical Robotics activities, at Our Future Health, including Preceyes, Microsure, but also addressing the new SkullRobotics and our BrainInstruments. Check out our new website!

Update May, 30: Here is my talk at  Our Future Health:


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