10 reasons Eindhoven is the dream location for a High Tech company

Nice blog about our Brainport region!


Yesterday the Financial Times published their annual study on European Cities and Regions of the Future for 2014/2015. In this study, Eindhoven was ranked in the third position as European city of the future after London and Helsinki. The city of Eindhoven is a new entry to this specific list, thanks in part to the incubation facilities existing in the High Tech Campus. After the study national television came to the Startupbootcamp HighTechXL office to interview once again the participating companies and discuss about  the reasons why they chose Eindhoven over all these possibilities that they could choose from.

As I have been working in Eindhoven for the past 1.5 year, I firmly believe that Eindhoven is the best place to start and grow a High Tech company. By High Tech, I am referring to sectors like semiconductors, nanotechnology, advanced materials, health tech, internet of things etc. Below you…

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