Dutch go 0-emission in 2030, the EVS30 and the new Nissan Leaf 40kWh


Today the EV news in the Netherlands is that the goal of the new government is to have only zero-emission vehicle sales from 2030 onwards. And yesterday I joined the EVS30 in Stuttgart. It has never been so large before, with over 5000 participants. The various talks were interesting. Daimler made the statement that they focus on the industrialization phase for battery electric vehicles, and not hydrogen for passenger cars. The talk by Bloomberg was very good, on predicting the future sales. Also they showed graphs that there is enough Lithium, and the (overall) grid can easily accommodate EVs (at least in Germany).

I also could take a quick view of the new 40kWh Nissan Leaf, a very nice design! With about 300km range, and a good pricing, this car will do well in the market I think.

Here you can see some of the displays

And I gave an interview with Electrive.Com


3 thoughts on “Dutch go 0-emission in 2030, the EVS30 and the new Nissan Leaf 40kWh

  1. Ik meen ooit gelezen te hebben dat de Leaf2 de mogelijkheid heeft tot Vehicle2Grid, maar kan dat niet meer terug vinden. Weet iemand dat?
    Als dat zo is dan is het natuurlijk daarmee de meest interessante BEV van dit moment.

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