Electrical Vehicles from Eindhoven University of Technology


Eindhoven University of Technology had already some activities in the field of electric driving back in the eighties. The most recent developments start in 2009/10, with the birth of the full battery electric  light weight VW Lupo EL. Soon after, we were the first with a full electric Formula Racing car, developed by our Racing Team Eindhoven. The student team TU/ecomotive participated in the 2013 EcoMarathon, as the first group of Bachelor Automotive Students. Recently, the unique world’s first solar-powered family car Stella from the Solar Team Eindhoven became world champion in the Cruiser Class in Australia.

At the TU/e we were also the first to make a solar powered charging station on our campus at the end of 2012.

Thanks to Dr. Igo Besselink for making the nice picture and overview above.

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