Tesla Model S ‘almost ready’

2013 Tesla Model S - front three-quarter studio shot

Tesla Motors is close to rolling out the first Model S battery-electric five-doors from the company’s Fremont, CA, plant, and customers who reserved the Model S Signature Series are already sending in their specification requests, indicating that the company will likely hit its July deadline for first deliveries.

Tesla has also added three colors – Piano Black, Lacewood and Banana Leaf – to its interior options and Internet connectivity will be an option on all cars, the company said in a letter to its prospective customers that was posted on its blog last week. Tesla also said it would personally deliver the cars to the location of the customer’s choice.

The Model S, the second model from Tesla after the Roadster, will be priced starting at $57,400 for a version with a 160-mile single-charge range before the $7,500 tax credit goes into effect. A 300-mile-range version goes for about $77,000.

Earlier this year, Tesla said 2012 sales may triple last year’s revenue of $204.2 million and forecast Model S sales at 5,000 units for this year. That’s more than double the 2,100 of the $109,000 Roadsters that Tesla sold over the past four years.

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