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Visit to the Centre for Rehabilitation Research in Toronto

Yesterday, i visited the Centre for Rehabilitation Research in Toronto, called iDAPT. Since a few years i have a continuous flow of master students from our group in Eindhoven, to do their master traineeship in this centre. More specifically, they have been working with the company IDT engineering to help realizing the Challenging Environment Assessment Lab (CEAL). CEAL consists … Continue reading

Medical Robotic Technologies in de spotlights

De nieuwe spin-off van de TU/e op het gebied van medische robotica, Medical Robotic Technologies (MRT) stond weer goed in de schijnwerpers: op het nationale Health Valley Event 2012 heeft ir. Maarten Beelen de Pitch Award gewonnen met deze 1 min pitch. Eerder op de dag had hij al een voordracht gehouden over de activiteiten … Continue reading

Join the future of Automotive!

Modern cars are intelligent high tech systems. There are over 60 processors on board a car nowadays, for control, supervision, interaction, navigation and communication. A new top class car has 100 million lines of software code, the Boeing 787 only 6.5. With the transition towards new propulsion and vehicle drive and IT systems the automotive industry … Continue reading