Stella goes USA


stella between LA and SF


‘Stella’, the world’s first solarpowered, energy positive family vehicle arrived in the U.S. Set to make its national debut at ITS World Congress in Detroit, September 7-11, Stella will demonstrate the benefits of EV’s, solar technology and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. Following ITS World Congress, Stella will travel to Los Angeles for National Drive Electric Week (NDEW), kicking off its tour by driving up the California Coast along Highway 1, set to make key stops in both Sacramento and San Francisco. The annual observance of NDEW is organized nationally by Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association.

Stella_goes_USADesigned by students of Solar Team Eindhoven at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in Brabant, The Netherlands, Stella can drive almost 500 miles on a single charge and is both CO2 neutral and energy positive, producing twice as much energy as it consumes. Stella highlights NXP’s V2V technology and next-generation urban mobility solutions to address the current and future mobility needs of mega cities. Solar energy is perfectly suitable for daily use of cars and Stella easily complies with all electric car standards.

Lex Hoefsloot, Team Leader of Solar Team Eindhoven says: “With Stella we wanted to show the world what the car of the future would look like. We are very happy to bring it to Detroit as well as California and share our knowledge”.

Peter van Deventer, Diplomatic Liaison and Director of Coast to Coast e-Mobility says: “The greatest feature of Stella is that it speaks to the imagination of mankind. With the presence of Solar Team Eindhoven in the US we wish to inspire further development of solutions for many of today’s global challenges like climate change.”

stellaStella’s visit to the U.S. is the result of a major collaboration of US and Dutch partners including Brabant Development Agency (BOM), GEFCO/Delmar International, IBM, NXP, Province of Noord-Brabant, Solar Team Eindhoven, TU/Eindhoven and Coast to Coast e-Mobility.

Stella was built in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. The Brabant region is a place where the business community, knowledge institutions and government bodies, the so-called triple helix, structurally cooperate in national and international networks to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship. Stella and its travels on the West-Coast are a perfect example.


Follow Stella along Highway 1
Arriving in Los Angeles on September 15, Stella will embark on a week-long trip, ending in San Francisco on Monday, September 22 at the Residence of the Consul General of The Netherlands , where NXP will lead an industry roundtable on connected vehicle security. Full breakdown of Stella’s California tour:

  • Monday, September 15
    National Drive Electric Week kick-off at HQ Plugshare, Venice Beach
  • Tuesday, September 16
    Coastal Ride from Paso Robles to Bay Area via Carmel for their Drive Electric Week kick-off.Arrival in San Francisco (Golden Gate Park/Residence of the Consul General of The Netherlands)
  • Wednesday, September 17
    Education and future of automotive discussions between Stanford University and TU/Eindhoven solar car teams
  • Thursday, September 18
    Visit to California State Government and local middle school to engage with the public and drive awareness of alternative transportation options
  • Friday, September 19
    Roundtable discussion on connected vehicle security hosted by Prof. Dan Sperling at UC Davis including partners Cisco, Econolite, IBM, NXP, UC Davis, Secunet
  • Saturday, September 20
    Visit Cupertino’s National Drive Electric Week event with the Holland e-Mobility House and part of Guinness Book of World Records attempt for most EV’s in a parade
  • Sunday, September 21
    Visit Monterey Bay: Santa Cruz/Capitola Mall National Drive Electric Week event with the Holland e-Mobility House
  • Monday September 22
    Media event in San Francisco to discuss connected vehicle security hosted by the Consulate General of The Netherlands including partners Delphi, Econolite, IBM, NXP, UC Davis, Secunet

Follow Stella on Facebook, Twitter (#StellaNXP), or Flickr for high quality pictures.



The Netherlands and West Coast of the US face many similar challenges on air quality, oil dependence, job creation, congestion and sustainable urban regions. Transportation is mainly responsible but also offers great opportunities for change and growth. E-Mobility is one of these promising opportunities.

As far as e-Mobility: California and The Netherlands are global leaders. In 2013 Mr. Matt Rodriquez, Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, and Mrs. Wilma Mansveld, Secretary of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment signed a bilateral agreement on e-Mobility cooperation and stimulation. In addition, the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative and Coast to Coast e-Mobility signed a multi-year agreement to cooperate on knowledge transfer and business development.

“The Coast to Coast E-Mobility Connection” (C2C), a public-private partnership, aims to promote knowledge and innovation exchange between Dutch and U.S. governments, universities and companies; to strengthen bilateral relations between decision-makers; and, to help position private organizations in relevant e-Mobility markets.

In April 2013, C2C set up a dedicated Holland E-Mobility House, located within the Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco, to organize seminars, trade missions, study tours and other programs to support the partnership’s aims. C2C communicates news related to developments in e-Mobility in the US and the Netherlands through various channels. Through its role as “liaison” C2C has a unique positions for many stakeholders.

Check online for real time data on Stella’s progress:


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  1. Wat een gaaf project en een topprestatie van deze studenten! Ik heb vandaag een presentatie op Ecomobiel van hen bijgewoond en het is indrukwekkend wat deze jonge mensen hebben neergezet.

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