DAF in 2013

Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in the high-tech sector are renowned for their technological excellence and are among the world’s best in their market segments and niches. These properties make the Netherlands an excellent ‘place to be’ for technical solutions to challenges society is facing today in the areas of mobility, health, renewable energy, security, and the climate change. In the blogpost ‘Holland High Tech Facts‘ some remarkable info is shown.

One of the Holland High Tech Facts is that 01-New-XFEVERY FOUR MINUTES a truck is born in Eindhoven! The production of  DAF Trucks is on average this year 180/day. Assuming 12 hours operation/day, this means 15/hour, so at least 1 every 4 minutes. Made in Eindhoven! 

From the DAF/Paccar website:

“In 2013, DAF achieved a record market share of 16.2 percent in the above 16-tonne European market.” said Harrie Schippers, DAF president.  “Industry sales above 16-tonnes in Europe were 240,800 units in 2013.  It is estimated that industry truck sales in the above 16-tonne market in Europe in 2014 will be in a range of 200,000-230,000 vehicles.”

In the video below you can see the highlights of DAF in 2013. Proud!

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