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7 great video clips on Systems and Control

The  first IEEE CSS Video Clip Contest  2014  was organized recently. Everybody from within and from outside the controls community was invited to participate. Participants were asked to prepare a video clip on a subject related to control theory or automatic control. The video could focus on a particular topic or on the field in general, but was required to … Continue reading

A new control solution for Haptics

Next week (tuesday feb 4, 16:00) our PhD student Ilhan Polat will defend his thesis on the use of Robust Control Theory to have a better control system for Haptic devices, such as master/slave medical robotics. Here is the teaser video of his work! To explain a little more about the subject, I use some … Continue reading

A pacemaker for nuclear fusion plasmas.

Originally posted on Active Science:
By Menno Lauret (in collaboration with Gert Witvoet, Federico Felici, Tim Goodman, Oliver Sauter, Gerd Vandersteen, Marco de Baar and the TCV team) Increasing energy demands and depleting resources is one of the major challenges that humanity has to face. Moreover, the waste products of energy plants like CO2 or long…

Design, implementation, and experimental validation of optimal power split control for hybrid electric trucks

Hybrid electric vehicles require an algorithm that controls the power split between the internal combustion engine and electric machine(s), and the opening and closing of the clutch. Optimal control theory is applied to derive a methodology for a real-time optimal-control-based power split algorithm. The presented strategy is adaptive for vehicle mass and road elevation, and … Continue reading

Pieter en het avontuur met de Phase Locked Loop

Originally posted on Active Science:
Twee jaar geleden wilden we ons (tot dan toe ultieme) experiment doen om macroscopische plasmaturbulentie te onderdrukken. Onze experimenten vonden plaats op de Duitse tokamak TEXTOR, op het Forschungszentrum Jülich, 40 km ten noorden van Aken. Van april 2007 tot juni 2009 hadden we systematisch alle hard,- en software opgezet…