Statements to remember on Theory and Practice

  • Theorie-volgens-Fokke-en-Sukke-300x261Theory is when you know everything, but nothing works,
    Practice is when everything works but no one knows why.
    In our lab, Theory and Practice are combined: nothing works and no one knows why!
  • In Theory there is no difference between Theory and Practice, in Practice there is! [1]
  • Simulation is like masturbation: the more you do it, the more you think it is the real thing! or:
  • Simulation is like masturbation: if that’s all you do, you think that’s all there is. [2]
  • “If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” [3]

these are my favorites i often mention in my classes, there are many more, see also Fact and theory

[1] van de Snepscheut, [2] M. Athans, MIT, [3] H. James Harrington


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