Photovoltaic growth: reality versus projections of the International Energy Agency – with 2018 update (by Auke Hoekstra)

This is a guest blog by Auke Hoekstra, senior adviser electric mobility at the Eindhoven University of Technology and developer of agent-based models for electric vehicles and renewable energy adoption. You can contact him at or @aukehoekstra. Update for 2018: the IEA once again predicts that global solar production capacity will decrease. Why am I … Continue reading

How self driving cars will lead to small, shared, electric vehicles that will save our cities and climate (by Auke Hoekstra)

(This is a guest post by Auke Hoekstra: @aukehoekstra) It’s a popular meme these days: “Self driving cars will not solve anything. On the contrary: we will only drive more and increase congestion!” This meme enables people to find fault with the somewhat scary or emasculating thought of self driving cars while treehuggers can … Continue reading